Empower the Athletes on Your Team: Zach Edey x Expansive Workspace

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Empower the Athletes on Your Team: Zach Edey x Expansive Workspace
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Relentless hard work.

Bold vision.


Space to experiment, make mistakes, and recover.

It takes a lot to lead a team – on the court and in the boardroom. As 2023 Men’s College Basketball Consensus Player of the Year, Zach Edey knows, it takes more than an expansive 7’7” wingspan to win. Talent needs the right environment to grow.

Basketball isn’t that different from business. Regardless of your field, it takes the same mental, emotional, and physical building blocks to thrive as a corporate athlete as it does an MVP.

Expansive® Workspace is proud to partner with Zach on its winter 2023 ad campaign. While his 7’4” height makes him the tallest player in Big Ten history, it’s his leadership and “work hard, stay humble” personality that make him uniquely well-suited to represent Expansive, where people and teams thrive.

This campaign celebrates how great work happens when you empower the athletes on your team:

  • By creating space for them to thrive with custom solutions to meet their specific needs and reflect your brand and culture
  • By elevating your game with the credibility and stability of polished workspace that grows with you – without having to move to a new address
  • By winning as one through collaboration and teamwork, in real life or in real time
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