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A community-focused, flexible workspace solution that could support our engagement model.

The Hydrafacial Company utilizes their workspace not for offices but as flexible and highly personalized Customer Experience Centers where they build loyalty and expertise among the users of their ground breaking skincare system.

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The HydraFacial Company is an FDA registered leading manufacturer and marketer of advanced and non-invasive equipment and consumables used in aesthetic skin health treatments.

Spas and skincare providers purchase The HydraFacial Company’s patented hydradermabrasion technology and super serums to give their own patients and clients “the best skin of their lives.” Even more impressive, The HydraFacial Company is known for its incredibly loyal customer-base within the industry thanks to the unique brand experiences they create for their community of skincare providers and estheticians who are located in over 87 countries.

Creating “best-in-class, memorable experiences for customers” is a top priority for Leah Argento, Senior Training and Education Manager at The HydraFacial Company.

Leah’s role includes opening and managing Client Experience Centers where licensed estheticians can go to enhance their knowledge, techniques, and skillset to create a world-class experience for their clients with the HydraFacial Company’s products and technology. Further, she and her team focus on driving client loyalty and retention for spa owners and estheticians from around the country who are new to their technology and methods.


As Leah developed the concept of the Client Experience Centers, she immediately knew her team needed the ability to customize their space to create a world-class experience for promotional events, training, and onboarding.

Her team needed to be able to bring in the equipment and set up mock treatment rooms for hands-on training, where licensed estheticians could perfect techniques used in facial, body, and scalp treatments under the guidance of HydraFacial experts. They also needed audio/visual support for presentations and integrated branding to create an inspiring, immersive experience during educational and training events.

It was clear that an out-of-the box, rigid office configuration wouldn’t work. She wanted something that would meet their

functional needs while also giving them the opportunity to create a lasting emotional connection with the spa owners who purchased their equipment.


Before finding Expansive, Leah looked at other workspace options, but couldn’t quite find the perfect fit that offered all the creativity and flexibility her team needed to build the Client Experience Centers and foster lasting relationships with their customers. Until Expansive.

Leah found a solution in Expansive and has now been a client for 3.5 years. She was drawn to the idea that Expansive does not exclusively serve traditional, corporate style businesses and is open to clients personalizing their workspace to make it fit their unique needs and vision. “I loved that the space was fully customizable.”

Leah and her team have been able to transform their Expansive SmartSuites into carefully curated experiences for the clients they serve. When walking into a Client Experience Center, you won’t find a sterile office or a traditional boardroom. You’ll see estheticians using cutting-edge skincare technology on real consumers with onsite trainers who thrive in an immersive and holistic training experience.

Leah also didn’t have to worry about signing a long-term lease during the beginning stages of the Client Experience Centers, which allowed her team to instead focus on their clients and test the concept before making a big commitment. “Having that flexibility took worry off of the table.” It’s a strategy that has served Hydrafacial well as they continued to expand.


By providing a community-focused, flexible workspace solution that could support The HydraFacial Company’s unique client-engagement model, Expansive is now home to two Client Experience Centers located in Dallas and Chicago.

The HydraFacial Company’s clients love the experience the team has created in their Expansive SmartSuites. They celebrate their time at these centers as milestone moments in their HydraFacial journey.

HydraFacial clients aren’t the only ones who have loved their experience. Leah and her team have created mutually beneficial professional relationships as a result of networking within the Expansive community.

Turnkey Dot, a nationwide mobile marketing and event management company and member of the Expansive community, is one such relationship. After meeting in their Chicago center, they partnered with The HydraFacial Company to help them safely bring the HydraFacial Keravive Tour back on the road after a pandemic postponement.

The HydraFacial team also hosts events to introduce other members of the Expansive community to HydraFacial’s products and services, and even recruits fellow community members as test subjects during training demonstrations.

For Leah and many others, Expansive is more than a place to work; it’s a community.

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