Esther Griffin Photography Case Study

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A gorgeous and functional place to focus on her business and host her clients.

Working from home uncovered unique challenges that impacted Esther as a creative solopreneur who wanted to grow her business and build her brand.

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Esther Griffin is a fine art wedding photographer and owner of Esther Griffin Photography, where she shoots proposals, engagements, elopements, and weddings in Savannah, Atlanta, Charleston, and destinations around the world.

Esther creates light and emotion-filled images by using a documentary style of photography that couples and their families have described as “breathtaking,” “iconic,” and “enchanting.”

As a multi-year award winner who has been recognized by well-known and trusted organizations such as WeddingWire and The Knot, Esther carefully curates luxury photography experiences for clients and their families that they will cherish for generations to come.


Working from home uncovered unique challenges that impacted Esther as a creative solopreneur who wanted to grow her business and build her brand.

As a mom with three kids, she needed a space that would allow her to fully focus on her business. As Esther put it, working from home with kids sometimes meant that productivity took a back seat.

On the other hand, she wanted to be in a beautiful space where she couldn’t help but feel inspired each day. For her, this meant finding a location in a historic building that perfectly melded old and new. However, she soon discovered that many of these spaces were expensive, or did not include enough modern finishes and amenities that she would need to build her reputation as a luxury photographer.


Before Expansive, finding a clean and beautiful workspace at an affordable price proved difficult for Esther. She told us, “I had been looking for an office space in Savannah for years actually, and I wanted to be downtown but just couldn’t find anything that I loved that was affordable.”

This changed when Esther heard Expansive was opening office spaces in Savannah. She toured the building before it was even open, and in 2019, she became one of the first clients to join the Expansive Johnson Square location.

“I visited the Expansive location while that was still under construction, but when I visited the website and saw photos of their spaces in other cities, I knew that’s what I wanted.”

She now has a gorgeous and functional place to focus on her business and host her clients.

When clients arrive, they are met with an upscale experience that blends the beauty of historic, downtown Savannah with the modern appeal of amenities like a wide-open lobby and front desk concierge. They often comment on what a great space it is as soon as they enter Esther’s personalized office, complete with soft, floral wallpaper that she handpicked.


Expansive’s Johnson Square location has provided an affordable, modern workspace solution that has supported Esther’s professional growth while simultaneously helping her build brand trust with her client base.

With secured building access, branding, and a desirable location in historic downtown Savannah, Esther’s workspace has helped her build credibility with her clients as a luxury photographer. Whether serving as a photo backdrop or a place where clients can relax and get ready for their shoot, Esther can rely on a professional environment that resonates with her clientele. She notes, “from the moment they walk in the door, they know they’re working with a real business. The environment speaks to the high-end client that I’m seeking to attract.”

The physical environment Esther and her clients love has impacted more than just her brand. Since choosing Expansive as her office partner, Esther has been surrounded by a community of professionals who have directly impacted her business growth and profit. Within six months of being in her new space, she met a team of videographers who also worked in the wedding industry. After becoming referral partners and sharing leads, Esther more than paid her office rent for the year as a direct result of profits from that connection.

The Expansive community has impacted so much more than Esther’s bottom dollar. She’s found more enjoyment and happiness being surrounded by the energy of other entrepreneurs and business men and women than she could have working exclusively from home. When home feels “too quiet,” she knows she can draw inspiration and excitement from the community at Johnson Square.

“Even though they aren’t coworkers in a traditional sense, I feel like I have coworkers here.”

Part of this inspiration stems from being a part of a community that will celebrate her wins and offer ideas when she needs it.

She mentioned, “I love getting to share ideas and ask questions, or even having a group of people around me that I can share good news with when I meet a business goal or book a big wedding.” What’s more, when Esther is met with an obstacle, she knows she has a support system that is ready to encourage her. She continued, “[w]hen I am frustrated or confused about what the next step is, I have people around me that keep me focused, driven, and excited about running my own business.”

For Esther, being a part of the Expansive community isn’t just about helping her business thrive. The community helps her thrive. “To be surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders and to see and share in the success of the people around me? It’s so inspiring.”

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