Quick & Healthy Office Breakfast Ideas To Jump Start Your Day

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Quick & Healthy Office Breakfast Ideas To Jump Start Your Day
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If you want to start the day off right, start with breakfast. People call it the most important meal for a reason – not only does it fuel you with energy, but it can also be a great opportunity to bond with your other team members. Unfortunately, because our agendas are so packed, we tend to skip the meal far too frequently.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to skip breakfast or resort to coffee and a donut each morning! You can eat something both easy to make and healthy before you start working in a matter of minutes. Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration. Here are a few ideas.

Hot Oatmeal With Fruit & Seeds

Oatmeal has become a staple in many breakfasts, largely because it’s quick and filling at the same time. Whether you get the instant microwavable oatmeal pouches or cook it on a stove, you can make oatmeal in minutes. Top off your bowl with slices of banana, raisins, or cranberries, or with nuts, hemp seeds, or flax meal for an added nutritional kick. If you want to make it sweeter, simply add some brown sugar, agave syrup, or honey. Delicious, healthy, and super quick.

Egg White Omelet

The egg white omelet is another popular favorite for quick breakfasts. Egg whites are low in calories and high in protein, so this recipe is great even if you’re on various diets. Omelets are also infinitely customizable: throw in a meat like turkey bacon or vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, and onions as you see fit. Allrecipes has a great recipe for egg white omelets.

Black Bean Breakfast Burritos

Another easy meal prep idea calls for black beans, egg whites, and tortillas. Simply cook the beans and eggs, and spread on a warmed tortilla. For more flavor, experiment with adding sour cream, basmati rice, potatoes, cilantro, peppers, or different types of cheese. When you’re done, you can seal leftover burritos in a ziplock bag and refrigerate for later!

For two breakfast burrito variations, check out this one from Susan’s Table, and this one from the Food Network.

Granola Clusters

Cereal won’t fill you up like this treat. While the prep may take a little more time (get it done the night before work), you can easily have enough left over for the rest of the week! Like other recipes we’ve listed, this one can be modified with your own personal favorite ingredients. This recipe from Deliciously Ella calls for almonds, walnuts, oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, bananas, berries, and honey. Great on their own for an on-the-go option, or of course, in a bowl with milk.

Fruit & Yogurt Breakfast Parfaits

Want something cold and sweet? Breakfast parfaits don’t just taste great, they store easily for future breakfasts too. All you need is greek yogurt and some mixed fruits like cranberries and blueberries. Layer them in a mason jar or bowl, toss in some chia seeds or oats if you like, and voila! There you have it. Save some for later, or make some for the rest of your team!

To see how these breakfast parfaits are made, check out this recipe from Yummly.

Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

Due to their health benefits and easy preparation, breakfast smoothie bowls have become quite the recent favorite for working individuals who are looking for a morning energy boost. These creations are delicious, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan depending on what you add! As the name indicates, add your preferred smoothie ingredients to a food processor, blender, or Vitamix to create your base. Personally, I start with either a banana or avocado, then add frozen fruit and other ingredients, and top it off with my liquid of choice (usually juice or a nut or soy milk). Pour in a bowl and top with fresh fruit, flaked coconut, nuts & seeds, and a scoop of nut butter if you’re craving protein.

Carrot Cake Donuts

Donuts don’t have to be bad for you! Take this paleo, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar-free twist on the typical donut recipe for example. Fill that donut craving and forgo the guilt – from Thunderbird Food Bars, this Paleo Carrot Cake Baked Donuts with Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting is a great snack to bring into the office and share — just make sure to check if anyone has any nut allergies!

Fresh Fruit

Let’s say you’re really in a rush and don’t have time to bake or blend anything. That’s okay! You can still cut up some fresh fruit and mix it in a bowl. Strawberries, bananas, berries, peaches, apples, and watermelon have shown up in many mixed fruit recipes, but feel free to add your own fruits. Pack some to work, or refrigerate for a later snack. Best of all, you can use them as an ingredient in a smoothie or parfait later on!

Avocado Toast

Avocados are such a popular ingredient these days, they’ve even made their way to toast, and for good reason!. Mash an avocado on your favorite toasted slice, drizzle some olive oil and sea salt, and you’re ready to roll. Spice things up by adding red pepper flakes, cilantro, crumbled parmesan or goat cheese, or even eggs (scrambled or over easy work quite well).

You don’t have to skip breakfast or make a fast food trip before you head into the office. Some of the best treats we listed are easy to make and shareable with the whole team, so there’s no excuse not to give one of these recipes a try!

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