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Adjacent to Robinson Ranch technology park, five minutes’ drive from The Domain

Expansive’s North Austin location offers proximity to nearby tech campuses, office buildings, retail, and hotels. This six-floor center originally built in 1986 was renovated in 2006 and features a state-of-the-art podcasting studio and light-filled lobby, as well as plenty of on-site surface parking.

Access: Right on the North Mopac Expressway Toll Road at Tandem Blvd.

Conference Room

Our meeting room comes equipped with a smart TV monitor, remote control, and polycom speaker phone.

2 Phone Booths

Private phone booths give you a place to step aside and focus. They include built-in desks, ventilation, and transparent doors.

Lounge Area

The Expansive Lounge features soft seating and work tables.

Bike Storage

Secure, lockable bike racks allow clients to safely and conveniently store bicycles for their commute.

Mother’s Room

Every Expansive location is proud to offer its working mothers a comfortable private space equipped with soft seating, dedicated refrigerator, locking door, and electrical outlets.

Long Term Space

A limited number of long term and commercial spaces available for retail, restaurant, and office use.

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Meet the North Austin Team
Christine Batista
Christine Batista
Area Sales Manager
Chance Hogan
Community Manager
All the Advantages, at a Great Value

Expansive is unique in that we own the buildings we develop and operate. As a result, we offer a wider range of spaces than others, so clients can grow with us over time. Even more importantly, it enables us to share the benefits of an integrated, nationwide property owner with our clients, giving them four key advantages at significantly lower cost:

Unparalleled Flexibility

Create workspace that allows you realize your vision even as it evolves

Maximum Productivity

You and your team can concentrate, collaborate, and deliver on your potential

Vibrant Community

Surround yourself with the people who make a hard day’s work fulfilling

Unwavering Stability

The workplace can be a steady anchor in a world that often feels uncontrollable

Healthy Mind, Body, and Lifestyle

Health, wellness, and safety are the foundation on which thriving workspaces are built. Check out the many ways in which we deliver on our commitment to foster happy and healthy environments for our community.

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