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Expansive is unique in that we own the buildings we develop and operate. As a result, we offer a wider range of spaces than others, so clients can grow with us over time. Even more importantly, it enables us to share the benefits of an integrated, nationwide property owner with our clients, giving them four key advantages at significantly lower cost:

Unparalleled Flexibility

Create workspace that allows you realize your vision even as it evolves

Maximum Productivity

You and your team can concentrate, collaborate, and deliver on your potential

Vibrant Community

Surround yourself with the people who make a hard day’s work fulfilling

Unwavering Stability

The workplace can be a steady anchor in a world that often feels uncontrollable

A Century in the Making: Orlando’s Angebilt Building Commemorates 100th Anniversary

Orlando, FL / March 6, 2023 – The Angebilt Building at 37 North Orange, a local landmark in downtown Orlando, celebrates a historic milestone on its 100th anniversary March 14th. Once the tallest building in Orlando, the Angebilt was home to the city’s finest hotel when it opened its doors in 1923. For over a century, it has stood tall, witnessing the city’s transformation. Today, the building is owned by Expansive® a leading provider of flexible workspace for professionals from across greater Orlando.

In honor of its storied history, the City of Orlando will unveil a plaque at the Angebilt Building commemorating The Rosalind Club, a trailblazing social club for women in the city. Founded in 1915 on the current Angebilt site, its members formed the state’s first suffrage league, and led by Rev. Mary Safford, helped pave the way for gender equality across Florida. The unveiling will fittingly take place on March 7th, the eve of International Women’s Day.

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