Joy Riot Agency has been a part of our Expansive community in Alexandria, VA for over THREE years!

The Joy Riot team is an advertising agency that works in traditional, digital, and social media marketing. Whether you market automobiles, wine, healthcare, tourism, or any other service, this team has likely done it before, and treasures helping any company succeed in their marketing tactics.

Joy Riot creates value for their clients by building emotional connections between their brand and their audience. “Emotional connections could mean laughter, surprise, new knowledge, or kinship. Once your audience responds in any of these ways, they’re more likely to remember your brand and act upon your call to action.” – John, Joy Riot Agency

Their journey started with a single coworking desk, and has since grown to two private offices. Along the way, the Joy Riot Agency team has developed partnerships with their fellow Expansive community members and their client base includes a few of their Expansive neighbors.

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4Geeks Academy is a Florida based Coding Bootcamp, providing a variety of training programs available for full-stack development knowledge, software engineering, and AI/Machine engineering.

With offices in Orlando, Miami, Madrid, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Lisbon, and Venezuela their team is committed to designing educational opportunities that help their students best prepare for a career in coding OR boost their current software development knowledge.

4Geeks Academy aims to provide accessibility to technology knowledge and increase the amount of digital talent available, while growing a strong, global community of software developers.

With part-time and full-time focused programs, students have the option to learn new skills on their own time and take control of their future. More than 2000 students have graduated from 4Geeks Academy and have landed top coding jobs at companies like: Microsoft, Facebook and eBay.

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Nathan Womack’s Boulder based company, Get Your Tech In Check services and supports the technology needs of a variety of businesses and individuals, specializing in everything from general technology training to website development and hardware updates. Nathan’s team works in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, giving them the edge on developing first class solutions for their clients.

The Get Your Tech In Check team is a wonderful solution for any business working without a dedicated IT department, as this team not only supports immediate IT needs, but also focuses on educating clients on how to use their own technology to their advantage even after the work of Get Your Tech In Check team members is complete.

Nathan states that “technology should empower users to be a more productive version of themselves and allow them to increase their effectiveness; whether that is processing a report from a system faster, or enjoying the convenience of a bluetooth headset to listen to your favorite podcast.”

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Katherine Carrion owns and operates a photography business based in the River North neighborhood of Chicago – Kat C Zea Photography. She offers a variety of specialties including: portrait, real estate, social events, wedding & engagement, and lifestyle photography, but has the gear and lighting set-up for just about any photography occasion.

With Kat, you get an outstanding photographer for initial composition, as well as a creative editor for retouching needs. She considers her time with photoshop experiments an avenue for her creativity (and if you’ve ever used photoshop software before you know that means she has a LOT of patience).

Kat continues to grow her knowledge in digital photography, attending classes and yearly workshops, “it’s been a long journey but I never stop developing my craft.”

Kat has even photographed several of our Expansive locations, and you can find her beautiful work across our website and marketing materials in Chicago.

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As an independent agent at WeDo Insurance & Taxes, Marlon makes a difference in clients’ lives every day by helping them achieve financial freedom. WeDo offers a range of financial services from health, life, property & casualty, auto, and homeowner’s insurance to personal & corporate taxes and bookkeeping support.

Based out of the Biscayne Building in sunny Miami, Marlon works hard to differentiate his firm with outstanding customer service and the best products on the market. He understands the importance of being a trusted advisor in the financial space and works hard to live the company mission by taking his clients “by the hand and guiding them every step of the way from the
moment they enter our lives…because that’s what WeDo.”

Marlon enjoys contributing to the Expansive community and networking with his fellow business owners as they share their journeys toward success. He notes that his team at WeDo is unique thanks to their shared “hunger and desire for a better future.” As a company founded and run by immigrants, their deep-seated desire to prosper keeps them united and motivated in serving their community and building their company for a bright future.

Doing business in both Spanish and English, learn more about WeDo Insurance & Taxes.

An Expansive client since August 2021, recruiting agency FPC of Savannah trains their recruiters to identify the leading talent that would be the most beneficial in a practical and cultural aspect, focusing on the needs of the clients as well as candidates.

FPC lead Mort Shor says, “Whether it is through traditional methods or online platforms, most recruitment happens passively. FPC of Savannah differs in that it focuses on actively developing relationships and engaging with top talent on a daily basis. Leveraging our network and extensive industry knowledge, we pair our clients with excellent candidates to elevate their teams.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of Recruiters and Administrative support who serve Fortune 500 clients and their suppliers at an international level. Additionally, they assist smaller businesses also looking to recruit World Class Talent. Our Recruiters are consistently ranked as some of the top in the nation and are experts in their respective niche industries. Our job is to get to know people, their work environment, and their goals so that we can make a lasting fit that is both technical and culturally sound.

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Advancing Communities, LLC is a full-service agency at Expansive Midtown Phoenix that works with local community organizations and offers computer services and technical support, marketing, design, workplace wellness, websites, database systems, photography, video production, and career coaching.

Nick says, “Our team is Expansive because we need flexibility in our space needs as we service clients all over the country and host events on a regular basis. Expansive Workspace fits our unique workflow model like a glove!

We are able to analyze, troubleshoot, and build holistic systems for our clients that measurably improve profitability and substantially reduce costs in a short period of time. Additionally, our team will travel anywhere in the country to assist our clients in their home environments.”

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Andrea Hermosillo is a multi-venture entrepreneur who prioritizes making a positive impact within her community through knowledge, encouragement, and growth.

In 2016, she co-founded Pull Business Development, which offers remodeling services for residential and commercial clients. Three years later, she established Chimalma Taco Bar, a restaurant that serves Jalisco, Mexico inspired cuisine, right downstairs from her office suite in the Expansive Katy Building in Dallas, Texas.

Andrea says, “I just love people — I love helping, and I love that with Chimalma I can be with many people and see happy faces all the time, whenever they have that first bite. Something I’m passionate about is helping people and finding the talent in everyone, and I want to help them develop that power to carry with them wherever they will go on their own.

We are expansive because our workspace is the place where our entrepreneurial ideas are expanded to a business mindset. It is my pleasure to work with brilliant and humble minds and have people who inspire me to achieve great things.”

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Glom Initiatives is a Norfolk-based strategic development firm that empowers, inspires and encourages clients to reach their individual and business objectives.

Clients develop enhanced skill sets through education and coaching tailored to address specific challenges. Tracy says:

“Having the opportunity to build collaborative relationships is a great example of how Glom Initiatives is Expansive. Our business philosophy is anchored in empowering, inspiring and encouraging individuals, entrepreneurs and executives as they move toward achieving their goals. We do this in part by increasing awareness of psychology and skill building through education.

Being a part of Expansive has afforded an overlap of Glom’s mission with those of others in the space who share a desire to uplift and strengthen local business and individuals in the community through increased financial independence, more thriving, as well as improved overall wellbeing.

Glom has expanded its reach by working with local non-profit organizations and is founding a new business network. While countless corporations are retracting from commercial office space and shifting more and more to at-home or hybrid work models, the void that has been created is being filled by progressive styles of work production, business and commerce. Innovation is key to progress; we are fortunate to have the ability to converge in this space to truly drive forward momentum that capitalizes on this especially unique and historic moment in time.”

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