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As fellow real estate owners, we understand your unique stakeholder needs. We own and operate 3.8MM square feet of flexible workspace across 34 cities. Today, landlords are partnering with us to enhance their assets, boost occupancy, win more deals, and achieve a greater NOI. Are you ready to activate your building with flexible workspace?

Are you ready to activate your building with flexible workspace?

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The Experience and Success
of our Leadership Team is Unsurpassed.

As a building owner/manager and flexible workspace operator, we provide unique insights. We excel in real estate, property management, and flex office, delivering exceptional service andeconomic performance in any environment.

Ready to learn more? Let’s meet and we’ll share data showing
how our SmartSuite and Private Office products outperform
conventional leases by 25-100%.

Elevate Your Asset’s Performance with our Expertise

As a building owner/manager and flexible workspace operator, we provide unique insights. The experience and success of our leadership team is unsurpassed. We excel in real estate, property management, and flex office, delivering exceptional service and economic performance in any environment.

Your Building Will Be the Go-To Destination for Enterprise and Well-Capitalized SMBs in Your Local Market

Our hyper-local sales and marketing machine seamlessly integrate into the local community, driving and fulfilling demand from the Fortune 1000 and the well-funded SMB you have never heard of. Both customer segments represent opportunities for immediate revenue and become feeders for the traditional lease business.

Your Tenants and Members Access a Nationwide Network of Offices, Meetings, Events, and Coworking Spaces

Your single location will become a part of a powerhouse national network of offices, meetings, events, and coworking spaces. Your members and tenants will book the workspace of their choice across 34 cities and 40+ locations with a few clicks via our mobile app.

Your Stakeholders Require Transparency. We will deliver.

As owners, we have developed a suite of reports that provide stakeholders with meaningful numbers that impact the business. Partners have daily access to lead and sales reports and a standard report suite monthly, quarterly, and annually. Let’s connect and we’ll share our unique report suite with you.

The Right Size.
Some call us Goldilocks.

With close to 4 million sf of space across 34 cities and 40+
locations, we have established scalable systems and processes
that enable us to operate with the efficiency of a fine-tuned
machine. At the same time, we are the right size for every single
engagement to be meaningful to us. Every individual on our team
is aligned to achieve a maximum NOI for every partner.

Landlords are Activating Underperforming Flex Space with Expansive

Expansive In Action: Case Study – Expansive Wauwatosa

The Need: In 2020 the landlord approached Expansive about a Serendipity Labs in the building that was failing to generate rent.

Expansive Solution: Expansive worked with the landlord to reconfigure the workspace and optimize the product mix while value engineering the capital budget.

Results: Expansive turned around a failed Serendipity Labs business, exceeding occupancy and rent targets by updating the product mix and executing a fine-tuned, marketing, and operations strategy.

Wauwatosa, WI, Wauwatosa, Office Space, Building exterior
A Win-Win Management
Deal Structure
Management Agreement
Deal Size
20,000-50,000 SF
Second generation flex, purpose-built or space to improve to flex.
Preferred Market
Top 100 US Metro Areas, Canada, and Mexico
Expansive® Workspace Introduces Newest Location at Denver Tech Center

Denver, CO., January 22, 2024 – Expansive® Workspace, the nation’s premier owner-operator of 3.7 million square feet of flexible workspace, announces the launch of its latest location, Expansive Denver Tech Center, at 8400 Crescent Parkway in Greenwood Village, Colorado. With locations in 32 markets, Expansive is increasing its network in response to rising demand for flexible workspace driven by the growth of hybrid and distributed work. The new location stands as a cornerstone in this comprehensive plan.

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Our Team
Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak
Managing Director
Matt Goebel
Director of Acquisitions
Christian Llorante
Senior Investment Associate
Development Services

As a vertically integrated real estate company, Expansive offers an in-house Development Services team to assist
in the physical optimization and transformation of facilities into successful flexible workspace.

Having refined its expertise over Expansive’s own 3MM square feet of space, the team manages everything
from design and space planning, permitting, and construction management, to technology, FF&E, and final delivery.

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