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Video content is a key factor when it comes to engaging visitors with any website. 60% of people prefer to watch a video than to read text, and statistics show that 50% of people will remember the content of a video, whereas only 22% remember written content.

Microsoft recently acquired LinkedIn, and the computing giant has wasted no time in adding video to their website, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all trying to compete with Youtube, the undisputed king of video online.

Considering the audience that LinkedIn is targeted towards, small business owners need to capitalize on this opportunity and utilize the power of video to its full potential. Let’s look at the reasons why LinkedIn’s new video feature could and should be a key proponent of your marketing arsenal.

LinkedIn Is Exclusively Business Orientated – The Perfect Audience For Your Message

The problem with most social media is that it can quickly and easily become a distraction. Encouraging your employees to spend time on Facebook or Twitter is not conducive to increasing productivity, and highly unlikely to result in increased sales, but LinkedIn is slightly different. Being able to directly connect and inspire via video marketing with a B2B centric audience has the potential to raise the profile of your company, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

Whether you use the platform to launch new products, publicize your brand, or highlight successful stories about your company, the introduction of video on LinkedIn presents significant new marketing opportunities. We believe that over the next few years, the use of video on LinkedIn will become a powerful tool in marketing, which is why it is critical that you understand and utilize this tool today. This is one of the opportunities where first mover advantage is here for the taking.

Take Advantage Of LinkedIn’s Advanced Data-Driven Analysis

The real advantage of utilizing video on LinkedIn is the high-quality data analysis that they provide to content creators. On other platforms, content creators have become used to learning about their shares, viewer numbers, and comments; but LinkedIn will take the level of knowledge to an entirely different level.

Content creators will be given access to critical data, like who the viewers of their videos were, their job title, and their company name. This kind of information is priceless regarding developing and growing your company, targeting new regions to expand your business footprint, and identifying key players within your industry that have demonstrated an interest in your message.

Video Provides The Perfect Opportunity To Demonstrate Your Expertise and Personality

Text is an excellent platform for conveying your message, but video provides a much more visual experience. In terms of selling your vision, enthusiasm, and passion for the subject, video is in a different league that allows you to actually demonstrate your knowledge. When people can see what you physically look like, and how you present yourself, they are much more likely to take the next step and convert. Here are 8 reasons why video marketing is critical to your online success.

Video Stands Out And Attracts Attention

Think about how you consume Facebook, in a constant stream of information. Although there are certain posts that might attract your attention, videos are normally the pieces of content which stand out and grab your interest.

With video being relatively new to LinkedIn, many content producers may not even be aware that video is now live on LinkedIn. Being one of the first companies to publish high-quality, innovative videos will set you apart from the crowd and help to solidify your position as an industry leader. Consider how difficult it is to get exposure on Youtube versus the current situation in LinkedIn, where you would be a pioneer; an opportunity that needs to be grabbed and taken full advantage of as quickly as possible.

Videos Are Perfect For Consumption on Mobile

People have an ever-decreasing attention span and are consistently trying to squeeze even more tasks into their busy schedules. People have started to make their commute more productive by starting and ending their workdays on their phones, so this is where video provides another huge advantage. Watching a video on a mobile device is much more engaging than reading a 1,000-word piece of written content. By creating video content, you increase the chances of current and potential clients discovering and interacting with your content, which is the reason why you create the content in the first place.

At Expansive , we are at the forefront of innovative ideas and methods for driving your business forward. We are constantly looking for ways to assist our clients with their innovative needs- check out our weekly blog for more updates on the ever-changing working world.